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Using the above menu, we want to give clients the maximum amount of information that is puting together 20 years of our experineces. Not only painting equipments what we offer, but new, interesting economical, and efficient solutions. We sell and maintain the market leading , high-quality spray and proportioner manufacturers products, and that means we can provide a wide range of customer needs.

Our equipment , spare part sale and on site services satisfy very high demands.


Graco BVBA , Binks , DeVilbiss , Ransburg

Manual spary guns HVLP, Complient , TransTech, Airpro, Advance
2K proportional units as Graco ProMix 2KE, ProMix 2KS, ProMix PD2K,
Heavy duty 2K as Graco XM and XP, Graco Reactor PU-foam spray units like
E10 HP , Reactor H-VR with adjustable mixing ratio to cathalised Polyurea.
Graco Merkur piston pumps in various pressure rates, Triton 308 LP diaphragm
Pumps, G40 AA spray guns, electrostatic spray guns as the new Graco Pro XP, Ransburg
Vector solo, Ransburg Vector R70, R90, No. 2. electrostatic bell sprayer,
Graco EFX mini and full size AirPro automatic spray guns, DeVilbiss Cobra series of
automatic spary guns, special Binks Mach 1PCX and Binks 2001 GW 2 component
adhesive spray guns

Anest iwata , Bersch und Fratscher GmbH. Optima , IBK technik GmbH. Schütze GmbH

Manual paint spray guns and Automatic spray guns, spray valves in high and low pressure,
Material pressure pots from 1 to 60 liter volumes, pressure assisted gravity cup guns for
High consistence tixothrophyc coats,Diaphragm pumps, piston pumps,
200 mm , 400 mm , 600 mm long nozzle extensions, mini automatic spray valves and guns, IBK GmbH.
AirCombi spray guns, HP and LP Filters,
Pressure regulators, Agitators , piston pumps, pump packages

Wolfangel GmbH. , Graco BVBA FRP , FRP equipment , Binks

Composite , gelcoating, fiber Chop units, RTM Lite , RTM injection , Epoxy
Injection, surface rollers, Manual or pneumatical Resin fill and proportion ing ,
Gelcoater guns as the new Graco RS FRP gun series, GlasCraft RTM injection
Equipments, Formula and Indy X gelcoater guns, G100 manual low production amount
Gelcoater gun, Spartan injection units.

Meech Ltd.

Deionising units, equipments, surface voltage measuring,
951 Ionising guns, Electric tension monitoring unit 977CM,
DC pulse control unit 971 , Hyperion BarMaster program

PUCO and Andreae painting cabin Filters

PUCO modular kube filter system in FH fire proof and in
NF water resist outfits, IG200 Glasfiber paint stop filters in rows,

Activated Carbon granules, filter cartridges, Bag Pocket filters, fresh air

Intake ceiling F5 , F4

Airless nozzles, accessary

Airless nozzles , paint strainers, filters, High pressure Hoses, Hose sets, Air Assisted Airless nozzles, cleaning Needles, AirMix spray guns, Airless spray guns

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